Today’s organizations are facing unprecedented security challenges. The exponential increase in the number of workers active on social media platforms, using mobile technologies both inside and outside the office, bring along new capabilities, but also new security threats.

The world of enterprise security has changed dramatically, making traditional security solutions insufficient. Controlling these threats requires multiple security disciplines working together in context.

Through our broad range of solutions and expertise, Over IP will help you establish Next Generation Security, which gives you the comprehensive end-to-end visibility and control needed to unearth and block advanced threats — both known and unknown, on a local scale or from a distributed point of view (e.g. remote offices).

The Internet of Things is exponentially increasing the number and type of attack vectors, including mobile devices, web-enabled and mobile applications, social media, web browsers, home computers, and even vehicles.A threat-centric approach to security reduces complexity, while providing:

  • Superior visibility, continuous control and advanced threat protection across entire attack continuum.
  • Avoiding security breaches, identify security threats and address potential network’s vulnerability.
  • Acting more quickly before, during, and after an attack.