Today’s data centers are highly virtualized and span multiple geographies and clouds. You need the ability to apply consistent policies and operations across your network and manage your resources as a single, cohesive infrastructure. You need to orchestrate the policies for your workloads wherever they’re running and control your network end to end. Our data center solutions allow you to secure, see, orchestrate, and connect your network. They use a common operating system and a single open orchestration platform, helping you manage the complexity of operating in multiple, heterogenous environments.

Networking is a crucial aspect of your ICT infrastructure and environment. Whether you need a wired or wireless network, we can help you design and setup a robust and reliable network using world-class technologies, global best practices, and best of breed technologies.

Being one of the major systems integrators in the region, Over IP anticipates and meets all client needs of state-of-the-art networking technologies.


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